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Tasha Reid

     Visionary Construction, Inc. was founded by Tasha Reid, President. Tasha launched Visionary Construction, Inc. in 2010 and has been the driving force behind the company’s continued growth and success, simultaneously fostering client relationships and generating new business. Visionary received its 8(a) certification in 2013, which enabled the company to expand its services. Which in turn allowed Tasha, to include construction, facilities management services, janitorial services and security; all with a deep commitment to sustainability and corporate governance. Today, Visionary is a trusted and recognized prime supplier to the Federal government with projects throughout the country.


     The year of 2015 was a stellar year for Visionary. As the President of Visionary, Tasha was invited to the White house in June of 2015 for the Pride Reception for her monumental strides in the government arena as an LGBTBE.  Not long after attending the White House, Visionary was nominated for Small Business of the Year by the AGLCC in September of 2015.


     Also, Tasha has been featured in the October/November 2015 issue of B.O.S.S. Magazine, November 2015 issue of the GA Voice, November 2016 issue of DyNamc Magazine and the May/June issue of The Unleashed Voice and various other publications.


     An active member of her community, Tasha has led several volunteer projects for her church, community and abroad. She has also been invited to speak on a number of panels for Government Contractors Association. She truly believes in providing opportunities for others and paying it forward, adopting the life philosophy “inspire before you expire”.

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